Ibrahim Medical College (IMC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a well-known private medical college.

Ibrahim Medical College Dhaka

Ibrahim Medical College (IMC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in 2002, is a notable institution in the field of medical education. It offers a comprehensive five-year course of study leading to a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, as well as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program. Following graduation, a one-year compulsory internship is required, usually undertaken at BIRDEM Hospital.

The college is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), FAIMER. This allows its graduates to appear for ECFMG and other entrance examinations abroad. The institution is also affiliated with the University of Dhaka and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

IMC provides a broad range of academic programs covering various medical fields. The faculties include Basic Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology, Surgery & Allied, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Medicine & Allied, and Therapeutics. Additionally, the college emphasizes a holistic approach to education, encouraging participation in student exchange programs, seminars, conferences, and debates.

The college’s curriculum is designed to meet modern scientific needs and it has allocated 2.5 million takas for its annual research and development fund. For practical medical training, students in their final year have opportunities for internships at hospitals. The campus is equipped with large lecture halls, CCTV cameras for security, and offers Indian food options.

Regarding admission, the eligibility criteria for international students, especially from India, include passing the NEET (National Entrance Eligibility Test) and specific academic qualifications. The total tuition fee, including hostel accommodation, for the five-year MBBS program is around $35,000.

Ibrahim Medical College

IMC’s MBBS program is structured into four phases, with the first phase covering Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry; the second phase including Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine; the third phase focusing on Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Pathology, and Microbiology; and the fourth phase comprising Medicine & Allied Subjects, Surgery & Allied Subjects, and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.


  • Establishment: Ibrahim Medical College was established in 2002.
  • Location: It is located in Shahbag, Dhaka, which is a central and prominent area in the city.

Academic Program

  • MBBS Program: The college offers the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program. This program is typically a five-year course of study, followed by a one-year internship, which is a standard structure in Bangladesh.
  • Curriculum: The curriculum adheres to the guidelines set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and involves comprehensive training in various aspects of medicine.

Affiliations and Accreditation

  • Affiliation: IMC is affiliated with the University of Dhaka, a prestigious institution in Bangladesh.
  • Accreditation: The college is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, the key regulatory authority for medical and dental colleges in Bangladesh.

Hospital Affiliation

  • BIRDEM General Hospital: Ibrahim Medical College is closely associated with BIRDEM (Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders) General Hospital. This hospital provides extensive opportunities for clinical training and exposure to students, especially in the fields related to diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolic disorders.


  • Library: The college has a well-equipped library with a wide range of medical textbooks, journals, and electronic resources.
  • Laboratories: Modern laboratories for various medical subjects are available, providing practical learning experiences.
  • Accommodation: Hostel facilities may be provided for students, offering a convenient living option near the campus.

MBBs Admissions for International Students

  • IMC attracts both local and international students. The admission process for international students might differ, often requiring them to meet specific eligibility criteria.

Research and Development

  • Research Opportunities: Students may have opportunities to engage in research, especially in areas related to diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Continuing Medical Education

  • The college may offer programs and workshops for continuing medical education, keeping professionals updated with the latest advancements in medical science.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding admission procedures, tuition fees, and other details, prospective students should contact Ibrahim Medical College directly or visit their official website. Additionally, for international students, it’s advisable to check the specific requirements and processes, including visa-related matters, through the Bangladesh Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries.

Army Medical College Bogura

Army Medical College Bogura (AMCB) is a military medical college located in Bogra Cantonment, Bangladesh. Established in 2014, it began its academic activities on January 10, 2015, with an initial intake of 50 students. The college is affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals and offers a five-year course leading to a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. Upon graduation, students are required to complete a one-year internship, which is compulsory for all graduates. The degree awarded by AMCB is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.

AMCB provides a comprehensive educational environment with a range of departments and facilities. The college is well-equipped with modern infrastructure, including advanced laboratories, a vast library, hostels, and recreational amenities. It places a strong emphasis on the overall development of students, incorporating various extracurricular activities, sports events, and cultural programs. The faculty at AMCB is composed of experienced and dedicated members who bring a mix of academic knowledge and practical experience to the classroom.

The college’s location in Bogura offers a serene and peaceful environment, conducive to focused learning. Despite its calm setting, Bogura is well-connected to major cities, offering both tranquility and accessibility to students. Additionally, the region’s rich history and cultural richness provide an enriching experience beyond academics.

For more information about Army Medical College Bogura, you can visit their official website here or refer to their Wikipedia page here.

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Campus Life and Environment
  • Campus Culture: The environment at Ibrahim Medical College is often described as dynamic, with a focus on both academic excellence and personal development.
  • Student Activities: Students may have access to various clubs and organizations, fostering an environment for extracurricular growth and community involvement.

Clinical Training

  • Hands-On Experience: Clinical rotations at BIRDEM General Hospital and other affiliated hospitals allow students to gain hands-on experience in patient care, surgery, and specialized medical fields.
  • Community Health Exposure: Like many medical colleges in Bangladesh, IMC might emphasize community health, offering students opportunities to engage in health care initiatives in rural and underserved areas.

Faculty and Teaching Standards

  • Qualified Faculty: The college typically employs highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.
  • Teaching Methods: A combination of traditional lectures, practical sessions, and modern teaching aids are used to provide a comprehensive educational experience.

International Collaborations and Exchange Programs

  • Collaborations: The college may have collaborations with other international medical institutions, providing opportunities for exchange programs, joint research, and shared learning experiences.
  • Seminars and Conferences: Participation in national and international seminars and conferences can be an integral part of the learning process.

Postgraduate Opportunities

  • Higher Studies: Graduates of IMC can pursue postgraduate studies in various medical specialties, both within Bangladesh and abroad.
  • Career Guidance: The college might offer career counseling and guidance to assist students in choosing their career paths and postgraduate training opportunities.

Alumni Network

  • Alumni Association: An active alumni network can provide support and networking opportunities for both current students and graduates.

Contact and Visits

  • Visiting the Campus: Prospective students and their families are often encouraged to visit the campus to get a better understanding of the college environment and facilities.
  • Direct Inquiries: For specific queries related to admissions, scholarships, and other details, direct communication with the college’s admission office is recommended.

Ibrahim Medical College Dhaka