Green Life Medical College Dhaka

Green Life Medical College, situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a noteworthy institution in the realm of medical education. Established in 2009, the college has since been dedicated to delivering quality medical education and healthcare services.

Establishment and Location

Green Life Medical College was established in 2009 under the aegis of the Green Life Hospital Ltd. It’s located in the heart of Dhaka city, making it accessible for students from different parts of Bangladesh and abroad.

Academic Program

The primary offering of Green Life Medical College is the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) program. The program spans five years of academic study followed by a one-year internship, which is mandatory in Bangladesh. The curriculum is designed as per the guidelines of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), integrating theoretical knowledge with practical clinical skills.

Affiliations and Accreditation

Green Life Medical College is affiliated with the University of Dhaka, a prestigious institution in Bangladesh. The college is recognized by the BMDC, ensuring its adherence to national standards in medical education.

Facilities and InfrastructureAdmission and International Students

The college boasts state-of-the-art facilities:

  • Hospital: The Green Life Medical College Hospital, with a capacity of 500 beds, provides students with hands-on clinical experience.
  • Library: A comprehensive library with a vast collection of medical texts and journals.
  • Laboratories: Well-equipped laboratories for practical learning in various medical fields.
  • Accommodation: Hostel facilities are available for students.

Admission and International Students

Green Life Medical College admits both local and international students. Admission criteria for international students may differ, and it’s recommended to check specific requirements.

Clinical Training and Exposure

The college offers robust clinical training at the Green Life Medical College Hospital. Students get the opportunity to engage in practical medical scenarios, an essential aspect of medical training.

Research and Development

The college encourages research activities, enabling students and faculty to contribute to the advancement of medical science.

Extracurricular Activities

Green Life Medical College fosters a holistic education environment. Students are encouraged to engage in various extracurricular activities, including cultural programs, sports, and health camps.

Fortune Education Bangladesh

Fortune Education, a notable educational consultancy based in Bangladesh, specializes in offering guidance and assistance in the field of medical education. Their primary focus is to provide services to students aspiring to pursue medical careers.

Services Offered

Fortune Education offers a range of services:

  • Admission Consultancy: Guidance through the medical college admission process.
  • Career Counseling: Advice on career pathways in the medical field.
  • Support Services: Assistance with application processes, visa guidance for international students, and accommodation arrangements.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh

International Student Focus

Fortune Education tailors its services for international students, offering guidance on admission standards, visa processes, and acclimatization to a new educational environment.

Networking and Collaborations

The consultancy collaborates with various medical colleges, including institutions like Green Life Medical College, to facilitate student admissions.

Customized Services

Fortune Education adapts its services to meet the individual needs of students, including assistance in choosing the right medical college and navigating the admission process.

Ethical and Transparent Practices

Fortune Education prides itself on ethical and transparent guidance, ensuring students make informed decisions about their medical education journey.

Medical Education

Collaborative Role in Medical Education

The collaboration between educational consultancies like Fortune Education and institutions like Green Life Medical College is crucial in the medical education landscape. They collectively enhance access and provide pathways for students, especially international ones, to pursue medical education in Bangladesh.

Enhancing Access to Medical Education

Educational consultancies play a vital role in bridging the gap between aspiring medical students and medical colleges. They simplify the complex admission processes, especially for international students, and help in making medical education more accessible.

The Synergy between Education and Guidance

The synergy between Green Life Medical College and consultancies like Fortune Education represents a comprehensive approach to medical education. While the college provides the academic and practical platform, consultancies ensure that students find their way to these educational opportunities.


In conclusion, Green Life Medical College stands as a pillar in the medical education sector of Bangladesh, providing quality education and clinical training. Its role is complemented by entities like Fortune Education, which guide students through the complexities of admission processes and career planning.

This collaborative ecosystem ensures that the medical education landscape in Bangladesh remains vibrant and accessible, catering to the aspirations of numerous students and playing a significant part in nurturing the next generation of medical professionals. The combined efforts of educational institutions and consultancies are pivotal in shaping a robust and dynamic medical education framework that not only serves the local community but also attracts talent from around the world.

Green Life Medical College Dhaka